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Viral Vector CDMO

Provide HSV, ADV, AAV, NDV, EV71, CV21, Vaccinia Virus, Lentivirus, Retrovirus and other viral vector development one-stop CDMO services, proof of concept, process development, pilot production, IND declaration and clinical trials through the whole chain.

R&d Platform

Using synthetic biology technology, gene engineering/editing technology, and immune cell activation technology, Rainminda has developed four major technology platforms such as viral vectors, nucleic acid drugs, protein drugs and cell therapy. Each platform is capable of developing drug candidates and providing technical services, while also offering synergistic benefits.

Virus Vector Platform

Ruimingda has a mature virus vector platform and is the only enterprise in China to achieve full closed-loop development and production of oncolytic virus candidate drugs. From early drug concept validation (POC), to CMC process development and quality management, to clinical trial registration and execution, to commercial production and sales, the entire process and chain are independently connected. The virus vector platform can not only develop a series of oncolytic viruses based on herpes simplex virus, but also provide research and production services for various virus vector drugs such as adenovirus, adeno-associated virus, vaccinia virus, Coxsackie virus, and Newcastle disease virus to the outside world.

Nucleic Acid Drug Platform

With its unique nucleic acid drug platform, Ruiming Da has established an internationally leading whole-process nucleic acid drug development system with independent intellectual property rights. Simplified, the first exclusive mRNA structure (no 5 'cap, no modified uracil), simple process, low cost, good efficacy, has been used in the development of various mRNA drugs, vaccines, antibodies, protein replacement drugs. In addition, we independently developed a series of liposomes and small and pilot encapsulation instruments to further master the core technology and open up the key links of the process.

Protein Drug Platform

Ruiming Protein drug platform has a unique molecular clip antibody purification protein technology, can achieve one-step purification of trimer proteins, purity of more than 97%, combined with efficient mammalian cell expression system and insect cell expression system, quickly meet the development and production needs of protein vaccines, drugs, antibodies and other products.

Cell Therapy Platform

Ruiminda cell therapy platform can provide the whole process design of preclinical and clinical studies for T cells, NK cells, DC cells and other cell therapies, including preclinical pharmacodynamics, safety evaluation, production SOPs, quality inspection SOPs, clinical research program design, etc. At the same time, it can provide consulting and design services for pilot scale clean rooms in accordance with GMP standards.

About Rainminda

Founded in 2022, Shanghai Rainminda Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wuhan Binhui Biotechnology Co., Ltd., The company specializes in the field of cell and gene therapy, focusing on providing personalized customization, testing and consulting services for viruses, nucleic acids, proteins and cells, Additionally, it supplies off-the-shelf products including cell, virus, gene, reagent, kit, equipment. We are committed to assisting pharmaceutical enterprises, universities and research institutions in accelerating result transformation, technological innovation and innovative drug development, and protecting human life and health.

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