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Cooperation and Win Win Creating the Future | Binhui Biology and Tianqin Biology Sign a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

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Release Time:2024-01-11 17:10:07


On June 30, 2023, Wuhan Binhui Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Binhui Biotechnology") and Hubei Tianqin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tianqin Biotechnology") signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides reached a consensus to carry out comprehensive and deep cooperation in new drug research and development services, technological innovation, AI platforms and other fields, promote complementary advantages, resource sharing, talent exchange, and platform construction, assist enterprise development, achieve win-win cooperation, and jointly promote the integration and connection of the entire industry chain of Wuhan biopharmaceutical industry, providing one-stop services for upstream and downstream enterprises.

Ren Xidong, Chairman of Tianqin Biotechnology, said, "Binhui Biotechnology is an internationally leading biopharmaceutical research and development enterprise, with a talent pool, a sound platform, and rich pipelines. It has strong technological accumulation and product innovation capabilities, especially in the development of CMC processes such as viral carriers, nucleic acid drugs, and protein drugs. This cooperation will undoubtedly promote the integration of resources in the market, platform, and talent, and further enhance the ability to provide full process and full lifecycle development services for enterprises and research and development institutions."

Liu Binlei, Chairman of Binhui Biotechnology, pointed out that "as an internationally renowned CRO comprehensive service enterprise for new drug research and evaluation, Tianqin Biotechnology has developed rapidly in recent years, with complete business fields, strong technical strength, and rich project experience. It can provide comprehensive one-stop new drug research and development services for domestic and foreign pharmaceutical enterprises and research institutions, and has been widely recognized and praised in the industry. This cooperation further explores the potential of both parties, forming an integrated service system for new drug discovery, drug screening, safety evaluation, process development, and clinical trials that connects the entire industry chain, and creating a Wuhan aircraft carrier level biological new drug research and development service platform.".


This time, Binhui Biotechnology and Tianqin Biotechnology have reached a strategic cooperation, and the two companies will fully leverage their respective advantages to support and deepen cooperation in technology research and development, academic co construction, industrial development, market expansion, and other aspects. They will help enterprises create more valuable and competitive differentiated products and services, promote the integrated development of Optics Valley's biopharmaceutical industry, and form a new situation of mutual benefit and progress together.

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