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Plasmid Name ID Plasmid Size (bp) Carrier Skeleton Carrier Type Reporter Gene Promoter
pHG52d34.5-CMV Gaussia luciferase BH-ZLJ-001 6125 pHG52 Herpesvirus type II Gaussia luciferase CMV
pHG52d34.5-CMVfirefly luciferase BH-ZLJ-002 7208 pHG52 Herpesvirus type II firefly luciferase CMV
pHG52d34.5CMVhGM-CSF(2018) BH-ZLJ-003 5990 pHG52 Herpesvirus type II hGM-CSF CMV
pHG52d34.5-CMViRFP BH-ZLJ-004 6506 pHG52 Herpesvirus type II iRFP CMV
pHG52d34.5CMVmonovarypd-1 BH-ZLJ-005 6461 pHG52 Herpesvirus type II monovarypd-1 CMV
pHG52d34.5CMVmultivarypd-1 BH-ZLJ-006 6461 pHG52 Herpesvirus type II multivarypd-1 CMV
pHG52d34.5-CMVPD-1(b)-CFP BH-ZLJ-007 8496 pHG52 Herpesvirus type II PD-1(b)/mCherry CMV
pX459 V2.0 BH-ZLJ-008 9175 pX459 Mammalian Cas9/sgRNA Expression box CMV/U6
D2639 pCMV-C-HA BH-ZLJ-009 4318 Mammalian T3 promoter
p3xflag-cmv-10 BH-ZLJ-010 6400 Mammalian CMV promoter
pcDNA3.1(-) BH-ZLJ-011 5427 Mammalian
pCMV-Myc BH-ZLJ-012 3800 Mammalian
pHG52d34.5-IL7-P2A-CCL19 BH-ZLJ-013 6501 Herpesvirus type II T7 promoter
plvx-acgfp1-iRFP720 BH-ZLJ-014 9756 Lentivirus GFP、iRFP720 CMV promoter
PiggyBac Dual promoter-HSV1-ICP34.5 BH-ZLJ-015 7994 PBDP Mammalian acGFP CMV
PiggyBac Dual promoter-HSV2-ICP34.5 BH-ZLJ-016 8033 PBDP Mammalian acGFP CMV

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