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Shanghai Rainminda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in 2022 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Binhui Biopharma Co., Ltd It focuses on the field of cell and gene therapy, providing personalized customization, testing, and consulting services for viruses, nucleic acids, proteins, and cells. At the same time, it provides spot products such as cells, viruses, genes, reagents, test kits, instruments and equipment, helping pharmaceutical companies, universities, and research institutions in accelerating achievements transformation.

The company has multiple research and development production bases in Shanghai, Wuhan, and Shaoxing, with a total construction area 7000 square meters, it has production processes recognized by NMPA and FDA, and the integration of production and research can fully meet the needs of clinical research and industrialization. Establish a clean pilot plant that meets GMP standards, and multiple production lines can be used simultaneously; Equipped with high connotation cell imaging systems, bioreactors, small animal live imaging devices, AKTA chromatography purification systems, flow cytometers, real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR machines, water production and filling facilities and equipment, it can meet the needs of product development and clinical trial drug production.

Mr. Xu 19025438700

Business Cooperation:
Dr. Xu 19025438700 WeChat:xiaoboo365

Virus Vector:
Manager Shi 15391503730 WeChat:shixiaotai611

Nucleic Acid Products:
Manager Ni 13437112357 WeChat:go-ahead-no-back

Protein Products:
Manager Zhou 18771147489 WeChat:huhu_ai_junjun

Genetic Products:
Manager Wang 13067989761 WeChat:wry12121

Instrument and Equipment:
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Test Kit:
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