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The Binhui team undertakes the key special project of "Frontier Biotechnology" in the national key research and development plan

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Release Time:2023-10-11 18:30:19

On December 19, 2023, Eastern Time in the United States, the candidate oncolytic virus drug BS006 injection developed by Binhui Biotechnology completed its first administration at the Orlando Health Cancer Institute in the United States. An oncolytic virus drug with independent intellectual property rights and the world's first expression of bispecific antibodies has entered the world stage, providing new treatment options for cancer patients worldwide.

BS006 injection is another new oncolytic virus developed by Binhui Biotechnology after BS001 (OH2) injection. Recombinant herpes simplex virus type II (HSV2) expresses PD-L1/CD3-BsAb. One end of the bispecific antibody is PD-L1 antibody, which can target tumor cells expressing PD-L1; The other end is CD3 antibody, which can bind to T cells, directing them to tumor cells and performing precise killing on tumor cells. Due to its ability to enhance the expression of PD-L1 in tumor cells, oncolytic viruses provide more targeted tumor cells for PD-L1/CD3-BsAb to bind, effectively solving the problem of surface antigen loss during anti-tumor immunotherapy; Meanwhile, PD-L1/CD3-BsAb itself serves as an PD-L1 antibody, exerting the function of an immune checkpoint inhibitor to enhance the anti-tumor ability of T cells and achieve synergistic therapeutic effects.

Dr. Liu Binlei, Chairman of Binhui Biotechnology, stated that the official clinical trial of BS006 injection in the United States is a breakthrough in the development of Binhui Biotechnology's virus carrier platform pipeline. It is a new starting point for Binhui Biotechnology's continuous innovation and upgrading of the industry university research integration chain, and also an important milestone in Binhui Biotechnology's exploration and progress in the field of tumor immunotherapy. The critical phase III clinical progress of BS001 (OH2) injection in China has been smooth, bringing benefits to patients in terms of survival and efficacy. We also fully believe in the therapeutic prospects of BS006 injection, which will bring new hope to cancer patients worldwide!

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